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Hi Everyone,

Welcome Wildbeanerz (or is it welcome back?), welcome back carolinefrance. The best shape I was ever in was due to a trainer so I think you're on the right track. Plus I love your goal of not eating past 7; not eating at night is a big help to me when I do it. Terri and Main 80, glad to have you for however long you can stay and good luck with your trips! Terri, family can cause us to eat (especially going out all the time) but you have a plan which is good. Mhibdon I was on the party train too and I had to jump off and get on the right track (pardon the pun.) Kumochi thanks for joining; you jumped on right away and wowgirl88, wghtloser and Mike, it's so good you guys are here. Sorry if I missed greeting anyone so hi and good luck to all. Let's keep each other going!

Oh and Happy Solstice! A friend sent me a solstice prayer people are doing all around the world today. I 'd like to share it. It is simply: "Let Peace Prevail on Earth." I wrote it on a bright blue card and have it on my desk. It's a good thought to send out there!

1) keep calories t[/COLOR]o 1300 or less:1286
2) walk or gym 3x or more a week:beautiful walk on a beautiful road
3) 8 glasses of water: 104 oz
4) be a stretchy mama every day (that's stretchy not bitchy) a little stretchy, not enough
5) cut sugar and have fewer carbs in general: yes
1) write at least one hour every single day: yes
2) meditate at least 15 minutes:yes
3) listen more: trying!!! but no
4) worry less: eh
5) stay on this thread!!! yes

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