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Originally Posted by VirusInside View Post
What's all your best tips for breaking through a plateau? I've been looking to hit the 200's but I've been stuck at just over 300 for what feels like a couple of weeks now (haven't checked my records yet). I've tried eating less, I've tried eating a bit more, but my weight just won't break that 300 mark. It's KILLING me. It fluctuates daily from 301 to 304 to 302 to 300, but I can't seem to get it below that. I'm soooo frustrated right now. At this rate it doesn't even look like I'm going to hit my 10% goal of 293. I think I'll just change that goal to breaking 300, which honestly is more important to me right now anyway.

Anyway I'm just venting a little. I'm sure I'll get there any day now. Any advice anyone wants to give will be appreciated. I'll try anything at this point.

Don't despair, the losses WILL start up again. It's happened to me from time to time during the last year. You've just got to ride it out and be patient. Weigh and measure your portions carefully, do your exercise and drink your water.

Sometimes our bodies just stubbornly hang onto fat sometimes, then BANG!, five or six pounds will go in a week. I don't know why, and I agree that it is frustrating. The cool thing is that if you are accurately tracking your deficit you really don't have to worry.

So stay the course, man, and we'll all be celebrating your entry into the Terrific Twos in short order!

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The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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