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What's all your best tips for breaking through a plateau? I've been looking to hit the 200's but I've been stuck at just over 300 for what feels like a couple of weeks now (haven't checked my records yet). I've tried eating less, I've tried eating a bit more, but my weight just won't break that 300 mark. It's KILLING me. It fluctuates daily from 301 to 304 to 302 to 300, but I can't seem to get it below that. I'm soooo frustrated right now. At this rate it doesn't even look like I'm going to hit my 10% goal of 293. I think I'll just change that goal to breaking 300, which honestly is more important to me right now anyway.

Anyway I'm just venting a little. I'm sure I'll get there any day now. Any advice anyone wants to give will be appreciated. I'll try anything at this point.

Start weight: 358 lbs
Current weight: 294 lbs
Goal weight: 210 lbs
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