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Default multiple workouts vs. work harder, not longer

Im no pro, but I would suggest you try interval training. There is also a wicked site it on google or facebook), there are crazy 20 minute interval workouts on there. You may overtrain if you workout twice a day, better to make one workout the killer. Interval workouts provide afterburn much longer then just plain cardio, and I suppose it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish, ie...straight weight loss, or weight loss and muscle gain. Running tends to contribute to muscle loss as well as fat loss, but it is a fast way to lose unwanted weight. Just always remember 80% OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS HAS TO DO WITH WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING IN YOUR BODY, not what your workouts are like. If you want quick weight loss, mind what you are eating, don't cal down, cal up with proper nutrition and your body will respond as it should. Ive done the run a thon for weight loss, and yes it works, but I find I get much quicker results with interval training and disciplined food journaling, keeps you accountable. Also...1200 - 1500 calories is not nearly enough for a man your size, your body will hang onto everything it has because you are straving it. I eat about 1800 cals a day, smart calories though, and Im a 140lb woman.... add the protein to your calorie count though, not the carbs or starch or sugar.

Just my thoughts...

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