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I've been on this diet for two years (and going strong or should I say "plant strong"). I went from 136lbs to 111 and have loved the diet. I've been maintaining for over a year now.

This diet has truly liberated me from my food addictions. Unlike other diets that can give you weight loss but fail to provide the nutrients your body needs, I never feel hungry nor the need to overeat and I meet all my RDAs with only occasional supplement for Vitamin D and B-12 (when I don't consume a natural dietary source). I also never get the painful stomach pains I used to have either (that I used to think were IBS)....

ChaiKitty! - You summarized the eating plan very well. The only thing I would add, is that Dr Furhman has also done work on an "ANDI" Score guild (together with Whole Foods) that gives even better data on the nutrient density of specific foods... so that people can make even better choices on what specific foods in each category are best... But that's just to make the diet even better. The basic plan is great.

I've been looking for other members using Fitday and this eating style to share a our journals. Let me know if you're interested...

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