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Great job on the weight loss ChaiKitty!

I am not doing the Eat To Live diet but that is how I eat anyways. It's the "outside aisle" shopping concept basically. I am a vegetarian so I eat some dairy.

I usually just eat when I am hungry. I do not eat breakfast because I am not hungry until I have been awake for a few hours. I just drink coffee.

I eat the veggies cooked or raw. It depends what I am in the mood for. I'm a low carber so most of my carbs come from fruit this time of year. My favorite right now is grilled pineapple!

Originally Posted by ChaiKitty View Post
(obviously veggies, especially greens are the most nutrient dense and meats/cheeses have virtually none).
I would guess that's from a scale made from the authors/WhFoods preference because eggs, Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, honey, olive oil and salmon (plus many more) are also nutrient dense "superfoods" just like select veggies and fruits.
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