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Originally Posted by Kathy13118 View Post
I think this is the diet that Whole Foods features. They send you e-mails that explain different aspects of the diet over a few weeks' time to introduce you to the concept and give suggestions. I got the e-mails but didn't want to switch my Weight Watcher/fitday habits over to something else. However, I can see that you can do WW (most fruits and vegetables are 'free' in WW) and this diet, too. So, I'm glad I kept the e-mails.
That's interesting, Kathy. I had no idea. That is also really great, in my opinion, since I think the diet really encourages a return to fresh produce... as opposed to a mostly processed foods diet like most American's have.

For me, I have lost weight with counting calories before (some 50-60 pounds in 2004/2005), but this new way of dieting with Dr. Fuhrman's plan of trying to eat tons of raw veggies, cooked veggies, and beans, has been really liberating. I no longer go hungry between meals -- in fact, I don't even snack between meals. I also didn't know it before, but I am also a salt addict. I always thought before that I was eating a healthy diet, but after listening to Dr. Fuhrman's books I have realized how wrong I was.

Anyhow. All the best on your journey, Kathy. Thanks for the reply.

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