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I never thought about it until I read this thread. I too have a devastating relationship with salt. I can tell within the day if I have had to much sodium. I feel like I bloat in a matter of hours after eating something with to much of it. I have even seen a 10 lb gain on the scale after I had suspicion of sodium. It is so hard to find low salt and no salt alternatives. Even sandwich bread, if you look at it, can have up to 12-15% RDA of sodium . I do find that if I drink more water on those days when salt finds it's way in, that it can flush it faster. A good friend of mine limits his salt and nitrates when he buys packaged food. This seems to help him quite a bit. He looks at the label and really tries to stay under 5% if possible. Good luck with your journey, I hope you can find it salt free!
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