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Hi happypanquin500,

I guess I realized no-one is going to do this for me, its all down to me!

Hope your journey is going well.

Dear Nancy,

Sorry to hear of your migrain. I am very fortuate to never have suffered with them - in fact I have been very lucky all in all on the health front. Just a few niggles creeping in now due to age and WEIGHT. Can't do much about the age, but can about the weight.

I have got some diabetic icecream in and have also got some sugar free jelly (jello?) so we shant feel deprived while everybody else is stuffing choc cake and cream! There will be roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and parsnips with butternut squash, steamed carrots, sprouts, french beans, peas and sweetcorn and mashed swede. I shall eat plenty of the steamed veg and have a very small amount of beef and maybe one small potatoe. I enjoy cooking for the family so it will be hard not to eat too much but know I will feel so much better if I dont.

Hope you recover soon and back to your normal self.

Take care
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