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Originally Posted by Kriskz View Post
Hi, this is my first time posting on the forums. I did a home workout today. It was a med. paced crossfit workout for about 1.5 hours. Later in the day I was pretty upset and having a bad day, so I went to my gym, gloved up and did some serious bag work for about 30 min, with 50 full sit-ups and about 75 russian twists. I felt lots better afterwards. I just am losing weight soooo slowly, it is a bit frustrating.

Welcom Kriskz!
Sorry to see you had a bad day, but what a way to deal with it. I bet you felt better afterwards! What are your weight loss goals? It looks like you are a pretty hard core gym rat/power lifter. Are your eating habits in line with your activities? Just ask'n
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