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What vile boys! Bet they turn out to be real charmers when they are older. Thing is they made you stop and think - sometimes that is the jolt that we need to make us look at ourselves and why we are unhappy/fat and spurs us on to do something about it. So, good for you for turning it around into motivation.

I had a similar sort of experience (not so rude) when I worked in a primary school. A very sweet 4yr old came up to me, placed her hand on my stomach and asked me when my baby was due! I was mortified and wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, but as there was no malice at all, it made me realise how fat and unfit I had got.

Well done on the 8lb loss, thats fantastic. It gives you such a boost to see results at the beginning doesn't it. Keep it up and remember you CAN do it.
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