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Ladies --

WOW! Big high five to everyone for such a great job, whether in maintenance or the journey to your goal! What an inspirational, fun group.

I know I'm the newbie on the thread -- I'd just love to know where everyone is from? Sorry I haven't had the time to go back & read thru all the threads yet -- I'm here in Northern Virginia, 20 minutes from Washington DC!

Can't wait to hear how the journeys continue to unfold...YOU GO GIRLS!!! Here's to getting your sexy on or improving what you already have (as my 20 yo daughter likes to say).... and that can mean whatever you want it to!!

Have a fabulous one.

PS I dropped an egg too this afternoon. 1/4 cup Edy's Girl Scout thin mint ice cream i bought today for my 13 yo son....but it hit the craving/sugar&dairy withdrawal spot & I'm THRILLED it wasn't the whole 1/2 gallon!! WOW - I did good!!! (probably because it took me 40 minutes on the elliptical to burn 600 calories this morning!) Exercise Pain reinforces no snacking in my book now!!
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