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Originally Posted by kate.bastow View Post
I would like to echo this sentiment. Part of the beauty of FitDay is it's simplicity. Other sites try to offer more "features" such as meal breakdown and it just clutters the screen into a loud busy mess of tables and graphics. The simple food list table is in my opinion the GREATEST feature that Fitday offers. It is the reason I'm not using one of the other sites. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't go that route.

Come on people, if you enter your foods in order then you can see your meals by proximity. And anyway, it's mostly about WHAT you eat in the course of a day, not WHEN.

Fitday, please don't lose your niche by adopting an interface like that of your competitors. Thanks.
I second this motion. Or if there is a more structured format, it should be a configurable option.

It's funny that the PC version is being pitched as an upgrade. Most PC software is moving to the cloud. How different is the PC version? I like the web version because it's accessible from everywhere.
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