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Red face hey guys and gals!

Hi! My name is Cyd and I am a half-noob. I used to use fit day a few years ago and kind of gave up. Now that I have gained even MORE weight than I was then, I am back to tracking what I eat, how much I exercise, etc.

I am very sensitive about my weight, because I grew up very skinny and fit. Once I got to college, it all went downhill. I went from 120 lbs in 2003 to 195 lbs 7 years later...

I'm ready to get back to my cute pre-college body, despite my love for couch potato-ing, video games, alcohol, and food food food (all factors in my fast weight gain)!!! I do not believe in "diets" because I am stubborn and tend to rebel against myself. I just plan on moderating my portions better, not eating bad things AS OFTEN, and have started the couch to 5k plan (it's amazing!) last week. I even bought new running shoes!

I am very, very out of shape and the couch to 5k plan is already kicking my a$$.. but I am finally determined! My loving boyfriend is helpful and doing it with me, but he is super skinny and can eat whatever he wants (not fair!!!!). So, despite his support, I have come here for support from people who know what it's like to be out of shape, overweight, and determined to get healthier!!

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