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Default Elliptical not found as an activity under exercise??

Elliptical not found as an activity under exercise?? Why?

Originally Posted by Destinyschoice76 View Post
Hi Ladies,
I haven't been around much latley. Kinda fell off the wagon for a bit =( But I am doing much better this week.
I have learned that I must exercise if I am going to see progress & stay motivated. So I finally got my butt back to the gym today. Finances and time have kept me from a brand new wellness center that is only minutes from my house! This week I decided, that's it! I need this, money & time be damned! LOL

I have always loved the elliptical and before I got pregnant about 2.5yrs ago, I was doing the elliptical 3 days week, barely watching what I ate and lost 14lbs pretty easily. So I headed straight to the elliptical today...and it was sooo nice! Anyhow, the machine only said I burned like 75 calories and that did not seem right, as I recall the last gym's machine saying more. So I searched the internet for calories burned on an elliptical. I found several calculators at,, etc. I used 4 different ones and all said between 400-500 calories could be burned in 30 minutes! And that 600-800 could be burned in 45 mins - at my weight, which is 240. I was amazed!! What an incentive. I already love doing it, but that will certainly push me to do more!!! I just wanted to share with those of you looking for a good, productive workout. Sites also noted that exact calories will depend on using your arms, at least a moderate pace, keeping heart rate up, etc. So you can't do the minimum and burn that many calories. But, hey, I'll take it!!

Just excited and wanted to share. I hope you are all doing well.
Can't wait to get our sexy back for summer!
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