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Originally Posted by warren6609 View Post
Am I the only one here who has found a favorite food unworthy?

Bill in KC
This has happened to me, too. I think it's partly a real physiological change. For example, when I'm not eating way too many carbs (which is my MO when I'm out of control with my eating), my sensitivity to "sweet" changes and things taste way sweeter than they did before, so I can't stand diet Coke, which I used to love, and I basically like everything in it's unsweetened state.

I also think restaurants often use high fat as a way to give flavor to inferior ingredients. When we're not eating much fat, that doesn't work: we just taste the fat and it's kind of gross and there's not the flavor of the meat or whatever we're hoping for.

Latest discovery for me: I can make a good version of "buffalo wings". I used to love both the real wings version and the chicken nuggets version, but both are over the top fat. But the bottled sauce is fine. So I did lightly breaded turkey cutlet nuggets, pan fried. Just a tablespoon of bread crumbs and a teaspoon of olive oil and lots of good turkey protein. It was fantastic and will definitely be on my list when I have a junk food urge.
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