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Originally Posted by optiquest View Post
I dont think your getting enough cardio, a brisk walk may not be enough. Are you doing that on the treadmill or just going out on your own?

Also eating only 1300 calories probably isn't enough, I'd suggest aiming for around 2000 calories a day.
I agree, cardio not only helps to burn a few of those pesky calories but it also helps to increase that great metabolisim of yours to help burn more calories throughout the day. Also 1300 calories is terrible for your size, did you put yourself on that restriciton or did a doctor? If you did I agree with OPTI that you should be eating around 2k cal a day. I space mine out 5 times a day, so i eat about every three hours and I only eat when i begin to feel a lil hungry (which now winds up being every 3 hours). one way to help me feel satisfied when done eating is eating protien with every meal!!! I can tell you I wont lose a magic 100 pounds in 5 months but the weight I do lose I can live with the lifestyle I have now and keep it off. Thats the most important thing is changing your lifestyle to lose weight not crash diets. I monitor all food into my body with the ocassional flub day (which everyone needs so they dont feel like they are devoiding themselves of the little things in life) and in the past three weeks with exercise and eating right (although one week I wasnt really able to eat too well cause I had to take care of my wife in the hospital) but I still lost an average of 1 1/2 inches across my body and increased my bicep by almost an inch! I also try to drink atleast a gallon of water a day, if not more. I hope this helps!!!! please let me know if you need anything!
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