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I feel really good that I am still losing although it is really slow!
I weighed in at 137 again today, so I am keeping the first 5 lbs off....My measurements went from 38/29/38 to 36/27.5/36-- what I want, is 34, 24, 34!
I've not been exercising enough but in this nasty weather I really don't want to risk getting ill. I did buy some tapes and have been jumping up and down in the living room when only the dog can see me!
My goal is to lose another 5 lbs in March-- does anyone want to do a March challenge?
Thanks again everyone for your support, and for reading and sharing in the forum. It really helps to know I have someone to reach out to as I navigate this well worn path know that story, you walk down a road and see a huge hole and fall in it, over and over, and finally you walk around the hole, and eventually, you just take a different road! Sometimes I just say, oops, fell in the hole again! ha! ha! Good luck and congratulations, all you beautiful women!
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