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Exclamation Newbie Tips for No-Cardio Exercise?

Hi there. I'm 19, 210 pounds, and I am trying to take a healthy turn with my life.

I'm asking for some tips for no-cardio exercise, because since I was a little kid I have had a dilated temporal artery, which indirectly means that any sort of activity which gets my blood pumping will cause excruciating pain in my jaw and head. It combines with dizzyness and used to make me black out from the pain.

So, no cardio.

What could I do for fat-burning other than this?


I'd appreciate some advice on another issue, because I've been obese since birth, but I am a vegitarian and usually only clock (on average) 900 calories a day(lots of raw foods--high mass, low calorie). Used to have gall-stones, TMJ, and a variety of other health issues, but do you think the obesity could be a symptom of something? Also my exercise schedule has only ever consisted of yoga, leisure bicycling, and mild pilates.


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