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Originally Posted by warren6609 View Post
Am I the only one here who has found a favorite food unworthy?
Haha, far from it! A year or so ago, my absolute favorite was pizza - preferably the legit stuff from the NY Metro area, but any of the chain stuff would do it for me in a pinch - salty, cheesy, fatty, yum yum. Well, I have to tell you that now that I make my own pizza, the chain stuff and yes, even the legit NYC pizza, just doesn't do it for me anymore. It seems that as I rarely eat crap anymore, I really just don't enjoy it like I used to.

Sorry to hear your cheeseburger was a letdown - but you'll develop new, healthier favorites, I promise. But I will say, as a fellow cheeseburger lover, when I choose to indulge that craving, I either make my own or go out and get one at a nice sit-down place. I realize you have limitations because of the bypass, but just something you may want to keep in mind. The fast food cheeseburgers really are pretty crappy and tasteless, IMHO.
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