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Hi Nancy,

Know exactly what you mean about wanting to eat unhealthily in bad weather. I lose 8-10lb every summer and then put them back on in the winter! Hoping to change my habits once and for all this year.

I have three children, 25, 16 and 13 - no grandchildren yet. My eldest lives in a flat in town but the other two are still at home - obviously.

We did get out for a walk this afternoon - in our full rain gear! We have had thick black clouds rolling across the sky, very rough winds (quite a few tree branches down) and driving rain. We were all getting a bit bored staring out of the window at the lashing rain so decided to "go for it". I wont complain though as Norfolk (on the east) has had a drought warning. One min they are telling us to be careful with water wastage and the next its flood warnings. Cant seem to get a happy medium anymore.

I will have a tough time on the dieting/exercise front next week. My husband will be on late shift (2pm-10pm) so he will be at home in the mornings and my 16 year old is doing GCSE exams, so he is at home and only goes into school when he has an exam - only got one on Friday morning next week.

To focus on my diet and exercise I need to be able to "do my own thing" during the day. They are in and out of the kitchen up and down the stairs - I use my pilates machine on the landing. The rest of the family seem to be able to eat what they like and never put on weight. I on the other hand have got over weight eating like they do. I have had to resort to cooking myself something totally different to them or having what they have but substituting most of it for salad.

I shall go and visit my mother tomorrow and will try and get up to our allottment as much as possible during the rest of the week. Digging is very good exercise and productive too.

Take care
ps: I am having a devil of a job to get posts accepted. when I pres "submit reply" I just get a blank page and have to press "back" and try again - about 20 times in all! Most frustrating. Any suggestions?
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