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Hi Nita and everyone,

Good for you having a lovely walk with your husband and dog in that lovely sunshine..fleeting as it may be! We have had 3 super days with another one today until major rains hit us tonight, we are due to be very wet the next 4 days.

I awakened at 6 am and got my aerobics in..hahaha I feel so successful! I must say this routine suits me as I do my workout then come in and log my food for the day, except dinner, then I find it easier to pick and choose thru out the day and make adjustments in the evening. Nita it is not hard for me to do this when the sun is out but when it rains day after day my brain chemistry changes and I want nasty bread and crackers etc..all day, but now that I am working out regularly I hope it will be easier to deal with.

Would you like to know a little about me, Nita? I have 2 grown kids, 4 step kids and 12 grandchildren!! I am 55, 56 in July. How old are your kids? My two are 32 & 29.

I am off to make morning coffee and get my sketch book out, I think I may do a little drawing this afternoon. I hope your sweet dog gets another walk in around the village soon, at this rate all of you will be fit!


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