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Originally Posted by boolz View Post
No, no, no. I was really unclear, wasn't I? I was saying that I make sure I hit at least 100%RDA on everything except carbs, on carbs I only do at most 75%RDA. In other words, since I'm eating low cal, I'm trying to make sure I get proper nutrients.

As per cent of total calories, my carbs are usually 30-33%. Protein is anywhere 34-40% and fat is anywhere 28-34%, depending on the choices any one day.

I really LOVE this part of fitday, that I can track stuff like that. It keeps me from getting in the rut of eating the same old "safe" food, which has always been a diet killer for me in the past: sick of what I'm eating, but afraid that experimenting will make me gain.
Hey, you're doing great. And, the forums really haven't been here all that long but I agree, they are a big help in keeping motivated and communicating with others who are fighting the fitness battle.

I would NOT worry about uneven losses--my body works the same way. A small loss, perhaps no loss, a pound or five up, then a big loss, then up a pounds, etc. It is the average loss that is important. As long as you are accurately logging your calorie deficit you WILL lose.

And yes, I agree the first week was likely mostly fluid loss as your body adjusts. Just keep on doing what you're doing for a few weeks and see what happens.

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The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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