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Originally Posted by RENOAK View Post
Congrats on the loss!

When you say you keep carbs at 75%, do you mean they are 75% of your total calories? If so, that seems a bit high and can be the reason for the fluctuation. ....
No, no, no. I was really unclear, wasn't I? I was saying that I make sure I hit at least 100%RDA on everything except carbs, on carbs I only do at most 75%RDA. In other words, since I'm eating low cal, I'm trying to make sure I get proper nutrients.

As per cent of total calories, my carbs are usually 30-33%. Protein is anywhere 34-40% and fat is anywhere 28-34%, depending on the choices any one day.

I really LOVE this part of fitday, that I can track stuff like that. It keeps me from getting in the rut of eating the same old "safe" food, which has always been a diet killer for me in the past: sick of what I'm eating, but afraid that experimenting will make me gain.
That was then:
November, 2008: 315 lbs
November, 2009: 215 lbs
May 28, 2011: 254 lbs

This is now:
July 24, 2011: 237.5 (-16.5 lbs)
October 12, 2011: 222 (mini-goal)
September 1, 2012: 145 (goal)
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