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I am/was a sugar-aholic!! But just was diagnosed with a huge sugar intolerance so had to cut it out totally for health reasons - including honey. Talk about a bit of a challenge. But transitioning over to fruits was a starting point. Though there wasn't enough "sugar" in them for me at first.

Before I had to give up dairy/soy/gluten/sugar/eggs I would eat sugar free/fat free icecream -- Edy's makes some amazing flavors; Also there are the most amazing sugar free chocolate fudgesickel sticks in the freezer island (kids icecream)...that curb the chocolate/sugar and they are only 30 calories. Also chocolate covered pretzels....homemade. The salt craving started negating the sugar

Then I hit the jackpot -- was in Trader Joe's grocery store and they have freeze dried strawberries (natural, nothing added). Sounded awful to me, but they were sampling.

These are the MOST amazing things I've ever eatten....far sweeter than any piece of candy I've ever craved. They actually are the ripest real strawberries I've ever tasted. You feel guilty eatting them, because you could swear they are processed with sugar - - but they're NOT!!! Best of all an entire 16 oz. bag (which took me 3 days to eat) is only 120 calories.

They are soooo sweet, every time I was craving sugar in the first 4 days of having to give it up....I'd eat a handful. You really want to eat them one by one because they are soooo amazing!

Hang in there -- research shows that if you can give up a craving for 21 day your body will NO LONGER crave it!

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