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Add me to the list. I'll be 32 in May and while I've always been chubby the last few years my weight has become a major health issue. I found out almost 8 years ago I had endometrial cancer and that this particular cancer (like so many other medical probs) thrive in fatty cells. Not to mention, the obesity combined with this type of cancer makes it more difficult to get pregnant and I so want to have children.

Therefore, I decided to button down and get serious about my weight lost. That said I have no idea of trying to get down to my "ideal weight" of 121 - 145 lbs. I think I would just look sickly. I want to be a nice size 12/14 and healthy.

I would love to have email support buddies and even gym buddies if anyone is in the Baltimore, MD area! I've joined a gym and am working on my eating habits. I could really use some support!
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