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Hello Nita! I fell deep asleep by 9:30 last night so was awake at 5 am, I actually watched a semi- interesting infomercial on tv then FORCED myself up and into our exercise room at 6 am. I worked out and did 42 min of aerobics...yawning thru the first half!...then made some tea and watched most of my new yoga DVD. My husband got up at 7 and his jaw dropped when he came down to find the drapes open and the sun pouring in! LOl

I am meeting my girl friend for a light lunch then attending a Wine & Cheese at our marina..but I will take a thermos mug of peppermint tea and not eat the cheese! Monday we meet one of our daughters in the city for her birthday lunch then I am trying to find some wrist/ankle weights. Even with all this eating out I am making smart choices that fit right in with my fitday plan.

Time for me to wash my hair and paint my nails, I just waxed my legs..ahhhh summer!!

Keep well Nita, I hope your day is a good one!


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