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'Obviously grape juice has more going for it than coke does,'

Obviously, it does. So there's a place for it on the grocery shelf. Believe it or not, there are people who don't know that a prepared juice wouldn't have fat. There are people who don't know that if you want fat, you go to oils and you go to cheese or to meat (where you don't even see the fat, and there's plenty...). How many people bother to remember what they probably were told in health class in high school? Not many.

Yet, this kind of information is also repeated in all the 'ladies' magazines' and even in men's magazines, where there might be articles about health.

My ONLY problem with grape juice (and it has nothing to do with the AHA at all) is that most bottled grape juices are mixed with apple juice. This is on the label, where the ingredients are listed. If you want pure grape juice, you pay quite a bit - I do buy it once in a while and it's the same price as a bottle of wine (and not even cheap wine); however, it is really good.

Jeez, if I were the AHA, I'd also mention that grape juice has resveratrol. Not found in oil, meat or cheese - and it's practically a miracle worker for heart health. They could go on and on and on about the benefits of vegetables, fruits, and juices. They put their stamp on something like that because many people (some not English speakers) shop for groceries and have serious heart problems. They're sensitized to some of that stuff and it makes their shopping easier.
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