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3 days and counting on this elimination diet (soy/sugar/dairy/eggs/gluten)....feeling great -- sooo much more energy. Learning to like chicken with homemade salsa for breakfast! Weird I know, but you do what you gotta do!! Keeps me from falling on my face on my elliptical in the morning without protein!

My first measurements & weight announcement in public -- wow, what a leap for me!

Height - 6', Weight 157 (goal 137)
Chest - 39-1/2", Waist - 27. Hips - 37" Dreaded thigh - 21".

Working on cardio & core and focusing on gluts to get my legs back in shape from that ACL surgery. Amazing how quickly you bounce out of shape missing a few days/week or so, but how long it takes to get back in shape, after 40 !! Just threw the horses in the field (running them to the furthest gate these days rather than taking the easy, close one) -- exercise + mud factor!! Now onto my elliptical

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