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Njh50, welcome! I started here in Jan and lost 15 lbs (Jan/March) which made me feel really good about myself!! Sadly I got sick in April and I am just getting back on my feet now, but better late than never. You and I share the same weight, the same weight goals And the same birthday!! Haha and my husband is from England as well, the Cotswalds. I am happy to buddy with you if you need a pal to help with the day to day cheering and encouraging, I don't actually have much trouble with the food end of things but pushing to do my walking can be pain. I am in Manitoba, Canada and our summers are brutally hot typically so I have to do most of my workouts indoors to either beat the heat or the mosquitos!!


Nancy P.S. I just noticed you are from Cheltenham..My husband attended the boys public school there and the first time he took me to England he took me there...Very impressive!!

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