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Awesome job, Miki, Beth, Quinn, and Andrea!

I think I'll skip the measurements this week...don't know that I have any appreciable change and therefore it would be the "watching paint dry" syndrome. Maybe I'll go to once a month.

However, I am down 2.2 pounds to 117.2 from the dreaded standstill I was stuck at for three weeks. FINALLY! The scale is not broken after all!

As for the "mental report," I have really been working on straightening out my brain this week. I struggle so much with negative messages and poor body image and I tend to get so caught up in things like, oh, how come my hips can't be that small, or how come that person weighs less than I do at the same height....comparing, comparing, feeling inferior. I realize that if I'm going to be healthy about this, I need to trash those thoughts.

So I made a promise yesterday to myself that I would be in a bikini this summer. I have never felt able to do this (although as I posted somewhere yesterday I did buy a "cheater" last summer with the little skirt to hide a multitide of sins). But committing to getting a real one this year will have the following benefits:

1) It will keep me on track with my diet and exercise even after I reach goal (2.2 pounds away now),
2) It will force me to recognize that I don't have to have a perfect body to wear a bikini in public,
3) It will give me the satisfaction of doing something I thought I could never do,
4) It will ensure that our summer vacation will be at a beach somewhere (LOL, jk).

It feels powerful to have made that decision. Other people might not think twice, but for me this has been a huge hangup. As long as I'm making changes, might as well go big or stay home!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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