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yesterday was a pretty big success for me by being able to control my eating. I am excited to continue that trend. Someone even came over and asked if i wanted to try this awesome cheesy dip they made and i politely said i just ate some brocolli and i'm stuffed. it was SO empowering to just say no thank you knowing i made the right choice.

As for weight, I'd like to be at 160 something by next Tuesday. currently i teeter between 172 and 170. i just want to see a six after the 1.

Current Measurements (in):
Chest - 43
Waist - 33
Hips - 43 (ba donk-a-donk!)
Thigh - 25

i'd like to see my hips go down and maybe my thighs a bit, they are pretty muscular so i don't think they will get much smaller. (more of a long time goal, but i thought i'd post anyways)

my last goal is to increase some of the weights i lift, or get better form. This week i am really working on my power clean form so that i can hopefully increase my personal record on Friday.

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