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Originally Posted by RENOAK View Post
What fruits and veggies are you eating?
Red peppers, celery, mushrooms, onions, string beans and today I added 1/4 corn in the mix. Oh and lettuce, tomato and cucumbers.

I just realized by putting a general mixed veggie it was much HIGHER then me entering every food separately but how much I put into the pan. Got very different results and I am happy to say I can have a piece of whole wheat bread today (thank god) with my dinner.

I am burning more then taking in from what this is telling me. On average I burn about 275 calories working out (4 days a week) on top of the daily burn.

If I can drop an average of 2lbs a week I would be happy. I do plan on one day of the week to eat near 2,000 calories (sunday) but still keep up with my exercise or go for that extra walk. I hope I am doing this right its only been a few days. I guess I will tell on Monday when I weigh in.
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