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Default Not new but rejoining (went MIA for a while) = food help

Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me if my I am doing this right?

Today I am around 22% fat, 39% protein, 40% carbs, 1,026 Cals- that will be up until dinner unless I add in a banana. What frustrates me that most of my carbs are veggie/fruit based. I may add in fat free ricotta cheese and sugar sub later to bump up my protein as a snack.

Yesterday 27% fat, 38% protein, 35% carbs 1,569 Cal

Monday 27% fat, 34% protein, 39% carbs 1,273 Cals

All three days had 45 mins of moderate exercise (nothing insane just treadmil walking 3.5 on 3 incline, speed walking on a track or elliptical)

I want to make sure nutritionally I am okay and I will drop some weight because I am considered obese.
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