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Originally Posted by Strick09 View Post
Honestly I'm against Creatine. I have used it in the past and it really didnt do anything for me. After reading a bunch of posts about the long term effects of creatine and the damage it does to the Kidneys I have decided against it. Also, is all it does it hold water into the muscle, so the swole you get is just water weight and not true muscle mass. just a thought
Creatine has actually been shown to increase protein synthesis so I have no idea where you got that "just water weight" bit. It does draw a lot of water into the muscle so that is part of it but it also increases strength by building more muscles fibers, thus enhancing contractility.

Also, creatine does not damage the kidneys. It's main metabolite in the body is creatinine, which is used in medicine as a diagnostic marker for kidney disease. So... if you're on creatine, your creatinine levels are artificially elevated, and your doctor thinks you have kidney disease, even when you don't.

I personally don't use creatine because it gives me nausea, but when I took it a few years back I did notice slightly improved performance.

My rules:
1) eat real food - more vegetables, moderate meat, moderate fruits, less grains, less sugar, less vegetable oils.
2) exercise - moderate intensity cardio, sprinting, heavy lifting, dedicated stretching and mobility.
3) live - relax, de-stress, meditate.

Disclaimer: I'm not professionally qualified to make any formal recommendations. I've just done my homework and I'm my own guinea pig. All of my data, unless otherwise cited, comes from a sample size of n=1 (me).

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