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Originally Posted by kate.bastow View Post
Assuming that the RDA the food labels use is based on an average male or female, the %s on the food label should be based on a number between 700ug and 900ug. The biggest it can be is 900ug.

Then the largest amount of Vitamin A I had in my previous example is 20% of 900 = 180ug. But the nutrition tab says I have 289.5ug which is much more.

How does the site calculate 289.5ug of Vit A from food labels that total 20% the RDA? Can you reference the source that the food label RDAs is taken from?

Just trying to keep this question alive. I entered foods that said I had 20% the RDA vitamin A. The tables I've found say 900ug is the max rda across ages/genders. 20% of 900 = 180ug, yet the site computed that I had taken in 289.5ug of vitamin A. This number has to be too high, does it not?

It would be great if we could see the heuristics being used to create the individual daily nutrient charts.

Why can't the calculations being used be made public? If time is the issue perhaps a chunk of the code could be cut and paste and we could decipher it for ourselves?

The numbers are perhaps more accurate than our users are expecting.
That's an easy statement to make without any justification.
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