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Default Intermittent fasting

If you are wavering on the juice fast approach, you may want to take a look at intermittent fasting (IF). There are a few ways to do it, however they do unlock the benefit of fasting, which is an upregulation of fat burning genes during fasting hours.

Some IF are one day feast, one day famine; others rely on a delayed start to breakfast and a shortened eating window 5-12 hours. What is great about these approaches (compared to typical 20% calorie reduction) is that every few days you eat more than your basic maintenance requirement, and run deficits the other days. So there is no long-term feeling of deprivation that leads to cheating and then blowing the diet to smithereens. I know that in a few days I'm going to eat more than I want.

I realise that during an extended fast you become used to living off of your own body's stored fuel, aka fat, and that you are not terribly hungry.
Some of this happens with IF. For example tonight I couldn't finish my 9 oz of lasagna, even though I am running a 1K+ calorie deficit at the moment.
You don't really feel like you are dieting.

I'm only trying to lose 10 pounds, but it is a pretty painless way. Probably also for 50.

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