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Default Not enough calories help

OK I know this is so weird. Been on fit day since August. I have only lost 15 pounds 35 more to go. Suddenly I am having trouble eating enough calories. I am eating three meals a day as much as I want and some times just have to stop before my portion is gone. My dogs are getting fat. I seem to fill up between 750 and 900 calories for the day and then I have to force myself to eat more because I know this is not enough.

My usual calorie intake has been between 1000 and 1200 a day and some times up to 1300. I am 5'5". I am really not hungry. Any suggestions on something healthy to fill the calorie amount and not be bad for me. Easy to swallow when I am not hungry. Not sugar or sweets. I know not eating enough is bad. Been having this trouble for a couple of weeks and I am not sick. Good energy for 60 doing lots of things.

Sorry I am having this problem and whining about it when every one else is so hungry but this is almost as bad because I know I will go into body starvation mode if I do not eat enough.

Thanks Maggie
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