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hi...I have one 10lb kettelebell and some hand weights..2.5 lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs. Right now I'm trying the skull crushers with 2.5lbs x 50 and will work my way to 100. I plan to increase my weights once I can successfully do 100 without much effort. I'm not overly fond of the way big lats look - so I don't want to do that I'll be doing the skull crushers with bent arms. I don't have the equipment for chest press and butterfly presses. I'm not a fan of push ups or planks only because I like to feel successful after I do any kind of work out - and with those I just don't...and I give up. Corny reason - but you'll have to humour me here. I will try the skull crushers ;forward and side straight arm raises; Kick backs with the arms. After I've progressed a bit more I might add pushup/planks -- Thanks for the great tips.
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