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Its not clear from your note what kind of weights you have access to, but there are all sorts of things you can do for your arms.

-- You can do the skull crushers 2 ways, with the arms bent or straight. Bent will target the triceps and straight will target the lats.

-- Do forward and side straight arm raises.

-- Do shoulder raises with the arms at 90-degrees at your ears.

-- Do other shoulder raises with the weights down and lifting to your shoulders.

-- Do bicept curls and hammer curls.

-- Do chest press and butterfly press while lying on a bench or a ball - this will help chest, but also some arms.

-- Kick backs with the arms.

-- Do butterfly while standing and leaning over. This helps mostly back and shoulders, but will also help with the arms.

-- Do pullups on a bar with hands both forward and back.

-- Sit on a step and lower yourself with your arms off the step.

-- Planks will help the whole body.

-- Finally, pushups and tricept pushups.
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