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Originally Posted by nadiaminaj View Post
Oooohh yep I get what you mean. Thanks so much for your help. I wanted to put Bikram yoga, so I just put the stretching yoga for about 5 hrs to equal the calories in a normal class. At least you can still customise foods.
Hi there!

The thing is that putting in an exercise for five hours is going to affect your basal metabolic rate too --- what Fitday does is subtract those 5 hours from your basal metabolism, and it's going to show you LESS than what you really burned. You're basically taking hours away from yourself when you do it that way.

What would be better to do is to figure out your burn per minute and put in an exercise that's appropriate.

For instance, on my cardio days, my heart rate monitor tells me that I usually burn about 13 cals/minute. Even though I do that on the elliptical, I usually enter it as "stationary biking, very vigorous effort (250 watts)" because that's an exercise that shows up as burning 13 cals/minute. Usually, the time entered is only off by a couple of minutes, which is much better than being off by hours.

I hope that makes sense!
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