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Originally Posted by FutureizNow View Post
That's the point I think Mike

If there is excess intramuscular fat there, then lots of low intensity reps might help burn it. You might want to try a variety of arm exercises, like 100 reps a day, but light weights and controlled motion. While it's true spot reducing is somthing of a myth, it is a fact that intramusclar fat is burned locally (whether it replenishes later might vary).

Actually I suggest the opposite. Fewer reps... heavier kettlebells. You really want to challenge those muscles, not bore them to death . It is the building of muscle tissue that will really help reduce the batwings, and that requires really pushing your muscle to the limit.

There are a bunch of demos here:
CrossFit Exercises
Don't get freaked out by the testoserone overload on some of these videos . But the general advise is excellent.
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