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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Oprah arms? The only time I saw her arms look decent was when they photoshopped her head on someone body. .
That's the point I think Mike

Those "wings" are a constant complaint for women, and I'm not sure there is any real fix.

Regarding kettlebells, using them like that would be the similar as using
a dumbell. That's a good exercise for the arms, triceps primarilly and shoulder I would imagine.

If there is excess intramuscular fat there, then lots of low intensity reps might help burn it. You might want to try a variety of arm exercises, like 100 reps a day, but light weights and controlled motion. While it's true spot reducing is somthing of a myth, it is a fact that intramusclar fat is burned locally (whether it replenishes later might vary).
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