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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
This is the response that I got.

The session timeout is 1 hour. We have discussed but have no plans to change the amount of time (as of now). In this case data security outweighs the inconvenience of logging in again. How upset would our users be if their data was compromised? As FitDay continues to grow we will most likely be adding more security. It's the way of the world right now. At least we're not like the banks - 10 minutes.

For now the best option is to use a password utility to remember your password. I'm sure we will look at this again in the future.
Thanks for checking Mike. I'm not sure what the password utility is, something like in IE to remember the passwords of sites you visit I guess. I'll see if I can select the sites to remember and if it signs in automatically. I wouldn't want automatic signon to all sites, but this one is harmless (to me).

In any event ideallly there would be an option to allow users to decide if they wish to remain signed on for the day. Perhaps there are overhead issues with that but that would leave it up for the user to decide if security is a concern *on this site*. Thanks much for asking!
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