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Default Seeking strength training advice

Question: when using weight machines, is it better to set the weights so it takes all you've got to get through your sets with safe form, or set them a bit lower so you can zip through pretty quickly with only a medium burn at the end?

Basic routine: circuit of machines at the Y, 3 sets, 10 reps/set
Goals: weight loss, strength, tone, improved cycling
Cardio: stationary and road bike

Note: at the heavier level, I experience muscle soreness and so only go every other day. At the lighter level, I can do it every day. I've not done it enough to tell a difference on meeting my goals, that's why I'm gathering opinions
That was then:
November, 2008: 315 lbs
November, 2009: 215 lbs
May 28, 2011: 254 lbs

This is now:
July 24, 2011: 237.5 (-16.5 lbs)
October 12, 2011: 222 (mini-goal)
September 1, 2012: 145 (goal)
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