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Can you clarify 'electrolytes'? I thought that meant sodium and potassium. When I google it, I get 'The electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and phosphate.'

I guess you get these in various foods in your diet. Maybe you are referring to the sports drinks that say they replenish electrolytes. Each drink has differing amounts, I guess, and I'm sure they aren't calorie-free. But if you are getting these things in your diet, do you need them from a drink?

Coincidentally, I was reading an issue of Men's Health recently. There was a short article there about the daily requirement for potassium. The simple baked potato wins the competition for containing that mineral, hands down. Next on the list was boiled spinach. I was so impressed by the list that I bought some potatoes to bake and some spinach to boil when I was at the grocery store, today!

The calories in a very calorie-laden potato come from fat that you add to it. So I'm going to try seasoning just with spices and Butter Buds (or Molly McButter).
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