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Default Login expiry timeout

Hi Mike,

This concerns the timeout on the main site, not the discussion forum timeout.

What I'm referring to leaving the main site open on my computer and having to sign on again to enter food, activities, etc.

Can you please submit a request to increase the timeout on the main site, or allow a checkbox perhaps like ebay, "leave me signed on all day" ?

It may be a minor gripe but a timeout of an hour (which seems to be about what it is) requires signing on many times during the day. Especially if I close my netbook, sign off takes place much quickly. Ideally it would maintain the signon context following loss of connection for the same amount of time.

It it possible to suggest or put in an enhancement request for this?

Does anyone have a security concern that someone else might read/alter their
log? If that is the case, even an hour may be too long...

Thanks much,

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