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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post

I agree with what you are saying. The muscles will appear as you are removing the fat covering them. But I actually gained some muscle while losing fat. I started measuring my BF% on 8/22/09. Before that point I had already lost a good bit of weight/fat and gained muscle but didn't track it. I was down almost 30 pounds. But here's my results from 8/22/09 to 6/4/10
8/22/09 weight= 182.6#, bf=17mm (20.2%), fat weight = 37lbs, lean weight = 146lbs
6/4/10 weight= 169.8#, bf= 7mm(10.5%), fat weight = 18lbs, lean weight = 152lbs.
I lost 19lbs of fat while gaining 6 pounds of muscle.

Now I'd be happy to gain a pound or 2 of muscle a year while losing fat.
Hear what you're saying Mike.

It's not impossible. I'm not an expert but I have read that new trainees may be able to.

Keep in mind there is +/- room for error in measurements. Whether if it is within that error percentage is hard to say. I believe Dexa measurement is the most exact, which uses a low intensity full body x-ray scan to measure all types of matter in the body. The downside of calipers is you may know fat, but not the make up of the lean mass (water, bones, organs and muscles). Your brain may have gained a pound Seriously , it's great to maintained muscle let alone added! Good work.

What was your weight training program may I ask?
Have you observed an increase of strength?

I see you went up 10 pounds in Sept 2010 but took it off. . Was something going on?


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