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Miki I'm so impressed with your resolve and strength! I was reading your first post thinking that I would have to keep bags of sugar-free treats in my desk or sugar-free jello in the fridge (if there's one there) just to not go into my typical self-pity deprived 'void' or not to have those goodies walk over to my desk, too. You did great. I love the things that you told yourself and I'll remember you the next time I'm in that situation.
Yeah, I completely agree. Celebrating special events with empty calories really suck and we need to find something to replace it with. It would be different if we lived in the 1800's when those types of foods were rarely available but now, it's not special--you can buy empty calories/high fat/high sugar anywhere and most ppl are trying to avoid the stuff. Maybe we should come up with new ways of celebrating things. I've been sitting here trying to think up things and am drawing a blank.
You did great! congratulations.
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