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Originally Posted by optiquest View Post
so it sounds like for from 270 down to 230 or so I should start doing both?

Today I did a 10 minute warm up, 20 minutes of weights and then 60 minutes of cardio, does that sound like a good mix for a 270lb guy?
My understanding of the weights/cardio thing is that it is not impossible, but pretty damn near to do both, to lose weight and actuall gain muscle at the *same time*.

What one is doing by weigh training when in a deficit is increasing the simuli so that muscle maintenance is a priority. If you don't use them, well you lose them - to some extent. You should however be sure to schedule some protein/carbs around your weight training.

Intensive cardio has a greater propensity to cause muscle breakdown. It depends upon the duration, frequency and intensity, so generally *A LOT* of both is not a great idea. The two tend to interfere with each other at some advanced point. But if you're doing moderate cardio it should not be a problem.

As you get leaner, fat loss will slow down and be harder as Mike indicated. There is a greater risk to muscle loss, so I agree with your emphasis. It's never a bad time to do weight training as far as body size goes. There is no danger that you are going to "get huge" doing 20 or 30 minutes of weights. You should try to hit your major muscle groups. If you have a choice use a lower reps (5-7) and a weight that is challenging to cause stimuli.
You should spend enough time to work all your major muscles about 2x per week minimum. Give yourself a few days of recovery between workouts.

Regarding gaining muscles during weight loss often times muscles appear larger from a diet, as they were covered under fat before. You may appear to have become more muscular but probably just more pronounced.
You may be stronger though from training previously untrained muscles.
And you will have a greater strength to weight ratio which is most important for daily life and sports as well.

Hope this helps ...

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